Plate Clamp Certification








Plate Clamp

Legislation: Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code 2009 section 21 Rigging

Standard: ASME B30.20-2013

Recommended Employer Requirements: Every Lift, Frequent and Periodic Inspections

Every Lift Inspection: Completed by Equipment User before each lift 

Frequent Inspection: Monthly Inspection to criteria outlined in ASME B30.20 requirements (Proofloading can provide this service)

Periodic Inspection: Every Year (often referred to as Re-Certification) Annual Inspection by competent person that is recorded and meets ASME B30.20 requirements. Proofloading performs a pull test to 125% of the Plate Clamps Working Load Limit during the Annual Recertification or after any repairs.

Periodic Inspection includes:
Annual Periodic Inspection (Recertification) including Tear down, Visual Inspection, and Load Test

Pricing for Completing Periodic Inspection (Annual Re-Certification): 
Plate Clamp up to 5 Ton Capacity……...$59.00
Plate more than 5 Ton Capacity............$145.00